How to write a succinct thesis statement

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How to write a succinct thesis statement

Thesis statement helpOften people provide their activities of any kind having no clear plan or explicit target. Many students remain adherent to this approach even during their study in a college or university. It’s no secret, that there are many young people who would like to obtain their academic degree or diploma, but have a rather confused idea of what namely they want to study. This category of students usually does not excel in study. However, there are numerous students striving to succeed in both study of their choice and their future career. To achieve the goal, they do their best and try to be successful from the very first steps on their professional way. To study successfully, a student has to be aware of criteria and requirements he is expected to fulfill. Sometimes, study takes all your time and efforts leaving no opportunities for enjoying other aspects of this splendid period of human life. So,  you need to do succinct paper, for example, thesis statement. Despite you find some disciplines boring and even useless, you can not opt to eliminate them from your curriculum or avoid those assignments.

If you are obliged to fulfill written assignments, you must do it excellently, because written papers of any kind are crucial for your academic grades. To deserve high grades, these papers or essays should be composed in compliance with some specific requirements, which are obligatory for academic papers of this kind.

  • One of the major requirements for any kind of papers is the following: it must comprise a comprehensive and concise thesis statement. If this part of the paper lacks or is inconsistent, it means poor quality of the whole document and results in low grades. Though the task is not too complicated, many students experience considerable difficulties with preparing a thesis statement. It is quite natural, while the task is rather specific and suits not to every person.

The basic principle of writing a good succinct thesis statement can be expressed as follows: it should be short and specific.Despite the simplicity of the magic formula, the implementation is not as easy. A student writing a thesis statement is expected to clearly show his point of view within few sentences. The author unable to deliver his major idea clearly can confuse or mislead the reader, and the statement itself may look a bit ambiguous. Such a poor statement can destroy integrity of the whole essay, because the thesis is usually placed at the very beginning of the essay – in the introduction.

The statement is expected to give the author’s attitude to the reader, prior the latter proceeds to the main part of the work. Writing a thesis, you should avoid some things, such as using direct quotes, grammar or spelling mistakes etc. A thesis statement should be composed in a way allowing easy and clear understanding of the presented ideas. You should use simple and clear speech to express your thoughts.


The writer should keep in mind that the major idea presented in the thesis statement would be supported by the entire text of the main body of the work. In addition, if your thesis statement is properly structured, it facilitates your work over the main body, while you can just follow your thesis statement all along the essay. All the parts of your paper following the introduction just make a deeper insight into ideas presented at the beginning and support them with facts or arguments. That is why the section in question should contain only ideas, which you will be able to support consistently later. Supporting arguments and information should be reliable and trustworthy, so check them if needed.
Once your work is finished, ask a friend to read it and express his opinion. If your partner experiences difficulties with grasping the ideas presented in the work, other readers will also have problems of that kind. Try to find out what should be improved to secure easy comprehension. This stage of revising your work is very important for achieving an excellent result deserving high academic grades. So, spare no time and efforts to make better not only your final paper, but your reputation as well.

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