Essays are Stressful for Students

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Essays are Stressful for Students

The essay is a common home task that students face both in high and higher school. Generally, independent academic activities performed at home hold an important place in the education framework. What should make us alert is that the amount of hours students spend to prepare for their classes grows consistently. Writing essays is just one type of such activities, and a very popular one.

Negative Effects of Overloads

Studies show that more than 50% of students consider homework as a major stress factor for them. Many students and their parents say spending too much time on completing home tasks has an adverse effect on the amount and quality of sleep. An individual’s lifestyle patterns, hobbies, social and family interaction and other habits are affected too. Prioritizing homework over other everyday activities can even make students sacrifice healthy nutrition and such important things like sports or going out with friends.

While homework is beneficial per se from the academic perspective, this is another case when overdoing is harmful. Some studies show that the job becomes useless if it takes more than two hours a day. By the way, official guidelines typically recommend limiting homework to just one hour daily. Students who work at home for three hours and more are exposed to high risks of getting adverse mental and somatic conditions. The most common manifestation of health problems in students is stress, which is often associated with the necessity to spend extra time on preparation to classes in order to keep abreast with peers or demonstrate advanced performance.

How to Prevent the Essay-Related Stress

Given all the facts mentioned above, students have to be on alert when it comes to academic overloads and care about their health. Fortunately, there are certain methods on that can help young people avoid stress effectively. The general approach consists in reducing the amount of home writing and lowering the urgency level of such an activity. Specifically, here is what you can do to maintain your mental health:

  • First, you have to conduct re-evaluation of your general approach to the study process. Consequently, you may find out that your grades and academic successes actually do not depend on homework so much. If this is the case, consider revising your learning patterns to shift focus towards class activities.
  • Make sure you really understand the requirements your school sets. If necessary, consult your teacher to know what exactly they expect from your home essay. You will probably be surprised to know that, most of the time, homework is deemed to be just an auxiliary tool for those who really need to invest extra efforts rather than a workload put on everyone indiscriminately.
  • Planning ahead is another effective mechanism to avoid stressful situations. Also, don’t procrastinate. Once you have a task assigned, start working on it far before the deadline comes. Oftentimes, students have to deal with multiple tasks in parallel, in which case proper prioritization is another extremely helpful tool not to be overlooked.

Homework has always been a crucial component of study in both high and higher school. It helps students boost their performance and acquire the necessary bulk of knowledge. However, avoiding unreasonable overloads is certainly the right approach to opt for. So excessive essays should not be an obstacle on your academic way. While it is impossible in many cases to affect the number of home tasks, you can actually manage the amount of time and efforts you invest in this study component. Make sure this effective tool helps you learn rather than impedes your progress and damages your personal life and health.

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